Neoprene High-Compression Underbust Waist Trainer

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Choose our Neoprene High-Compression Underbust Waist Trainer for regular daily wear—under clothes or while exercising. It’s constructed from high quality neoprene material that is comfortable because it molds to your body while remaining tight enough to be effective. Neoprene High-Compression Waist Trainer enhance workout during cardio, weightlifting, running, walking to maximize calorie burn. Great for women who desire to sweat more during your workout; lose water weight faster, and cleanse your pores and released built up toxins.

Features :

Material: Neoprene
Maximize Caloric Burn
Help Defines Curves
Compression material
Help to Keep stomach & waist region tight
Aids in Weight Loss
Help Reduces Back Pain
Won't Rip Like Plastic Sauna Suits
Increases Perspiration & Creates an Intensive Workout
Great for Losing Post Pregnancy Weight